Investment Of Public Funds Act

This is Chapter 45 of the Code of Virginia, titled “Investment Of Public Funds Act.” It is part of Title 2.2, titled “Administration Of Government.” It is part of Subtitle II, titled “Administration Of State Government.” It is part of Part B, titled “Transaction Of Public Business.” It’s comprised of the following 20 sections.

§ 2.2-4500
Legal investments for public sinking funds
§ 2.2-4501
Legal investments for other public funds
§ 2.2-4502
Investment of funds of Commonwealth, political subdivisions, and public bodies in "prime quality" commercial paper
§ 2.2-4503
Investments by Fairfax County finance director [Not set out.]
§ 2.2-4504
Investment of funds by the Commonwealth and political subdivisions in bankers' acceptances
§ 2.2-4505
Investment in certificates representing ownership of treasury bond principal at maturity or its coupons for accrued periods
§ 2.2-4506
Securities lending
§ 2.2-4507
Investment of funds in overnight, term and open repurchase agreements
§ 2.2-4508
Investment of certain public moneys in certain mutual funds
§ 2.2-4509
Investment of funds in negotiable certificates of deposit and negotiable bank deposit notes
§ 2.2-4510
Investment of funds in corporate notes
§ 2.2-4511
Investment of funds in asset-backed securities
§ 2.2-4512
Investment of funds by State Treasurer in obligations of foreign sovereign governments
§ 2.2-4513
Investments by transportation commissions
§ 2.2-4514
Commonwealth and its political subdivisions as trustee of public funds; standard of care in investing such funds
§ 2.2-4515
Collateral and safekeeping arrangements
§ 2.2-4516
Liability of treasurers or public depositors
§ 2.2-4517
Contracts on interest rates, currency, cash flow or on other basis
§ 2.2-4518
Investment of funds in deposits
§ 2.2-4519
Investment of funds by the Virginia Housing Development Authority and the Virginia Resources Authority