Virginia Biotechnology Research Act

This is Chapter 55 of the Code of Virginia, titled “Virginia Biotechnology Research Act.” It is part of Title 2.2, titled “Administration Of Government.” It is part of Subtitle II, titled “Administration Of State Government.” It is part of Part B, titled “Transaction Of Public Business.” It’s comprised of the following 10 sections.

§ 2.2-5500
Purpose [Not set out.]
§ 2.2-5501
§ 2.2-5502
Exemptions from chapter to be determined by Department
§ 2.2-5503
Requirements for regulated introduction
§ 2.2-5504
Public notice of proposed regulated introduction
§ 2.2-5505
Comment on proposed regulated introduction
§ 2.2-5506
Confidential business information; Department to establish procedures
§ 2.2-5507
§ 2.2-5508
§ 2.2-5509
Limitation on local regulation