§ 20-118

Prohibition of remarriage pending appeal from divorce decree; certain marriages validated

On the dissolution of the bond of matrimony for any cause arising subsequent to the date of the marriage, if objections or exceptions are noted or filed to the final decree and a bond is given staying the execution thereof, the court shall decree that neither party shall remarry pending the perfecting of an appeal from said final judgment of the trial court.Marriages heretofore celebrated in violation of any prohibition against remarriage shall not hereafter be deemed to be invalid because of the violation of such prohibition, provided that the parties to such a marriage have continued to reside together as husband and wife until the first day of July, 1960, or until such time as one of the parties dies prior to July 1, 1960.


Code 1919, § 5113; 1934, p. 445; 1944, p. 181; 1960, c. 399; 1962, c. 290.


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