§ 20-121.03

Identifying information confidential; separate addendum

Any petition, pleading, motion, order, or decree filed under this chapter, including any agreements of the parties or transcripts, shall not contain the social security number of any party or of any minor child of any party, or any financial information of any party that provides identifying account numbers for specific assets, liabilities, accounts, or credit cards. Such information if required by law to be provided to a governmental agency or required to be recorded for the benefit or convenience of the parties, shall be contained in a separate addendum filed by the attorney or party. Such separate addendum shall be used to distribute the information only as required by law. Such addendum shall otherwise be made available only to the parties, their attorneys, and to such other persons as the court in its discretion may allow. The attorney or party who prepares or submits a petition, pleading, motion, agreement, order, or decree shall ensure that any information protected pursuant to this section is removed prior to filing with the clerk and that any separate addendum is incorporated by reference into the petition, pleading, motion, agreement, order or decree. The clerk has the authority to reject any petition, pleading, motion, agreement, order, or decree for recordation as a land record that does not comply with the provisions of this section.


2005, c. 500; 2006, c. 734; 2007, cc. 548, 626.


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