§ 20-66

Contempt proceedings; trial in absence of defendant

(a. If the person so summoned fails without reasonable cause to appear as herein required, he or she may be proceeded against as for contempt of court and the court may, (1) proceed with the trial of the case in his or her absence and render such judgment as to it seems right and proper, or (2) continue the case to some future date.

(b. If the trial be proceeded with in the absence of the defendant and judgment of conviction be entered against him or her, he or she may, within thirty days after the judgment of conviction is rendered, make application to the court to have the case reopened, and after due notice to the original complainant, for good cause, the court may reopen the case and enter such judgment or order as is right and proper.


1944, p. 211; Michie Suppl. 1946, § 1937a; 1974, c. 464.


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