§ 20-84


Whenever the judge of, or magistrate serving, the jurisdiction wherein such offense is alleged to have been committed shall, after an investigation of the facts and circumstances thereof, certify that in his opinion the charge is well founded and the case a proper one for extradition, or in any case if the cost of extradition is borne by the parties interested in the case, the person charged with having left the Commonwealth with the intention of evading the terms of his or her probation or of abandoning or deserting his or her spouse, or his or her child or children, or failing to support them, shall be apprehended and brought back to the county or city having jurisdiction of the case in accordance with the law providing for the apprehension and return to the Commonwealth of fugitives from justice, and upon conviction punished as hereinabove provided.


Code 1919, § 1942; 1918, p. 761; 1922, p. 846; 1974, c. 464; 2008, cc. 551, 691.


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