§ 10.1-506

Power to create new districts and to relocate or define district boundaries; composition of districts

A. The Board shall have the power to (i) create a new district from territory not previously within an existing district, (ii) merge or divide existing districts, (iii) transfer territory from an existing district to another district, (iv) modify or create a district by a combination of the above and (v) relocate or define the boundaries of soil and water conservation districts in the manner hereinafter prescribed.

B. An incorporated town within any county having a soil and water conservation district shall be a part of that district. If a town lies within the boundaries of more than one county, it shall be considered to be wholly within the county in which the larger portion of the town lies.


Code 1950, § 21-2; 1956, c. 654; 1970, c. 480, § 21-12.1; 1988, c. 891.


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