§ 10.1-1137

Duty in case of fires and payment of costs of suppression

When any forest warden sees or receives a report of a forest fire, he shall proceed immediately to the scene of the fire and employ such persons and means as in his judgment are expedient and necessary to extinguish the fire, within the limits of the expense he has been authorized to incur in his instructions from the State Forester. He shall keep an itemized account of all expenses incurred and immediately send the account verified by affidavit to the State Forester.Upon approval by the State Forester the account shall be paid from the Forestry Operations Fund.No such payment shall be made to any person who has maliciously started the fire or to any person whose negligence caused or contributed to the setting of the fire.


Code 1950, § 10-57; 1964, c. 79; 1986, cc. 188, 567; 1988, c. 891.


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