§ 10.1-1307.2

Powers and duties of the Executive Director

A. The Executive Director, under the direction and control of the Governor, shall exercise such powers and perform such duties as are conferred or imposed upon him by the law and shall perform such other duties required of him by the Governor and the Board.

B. The Executive Director may be vested with the authority of the Board when it is not in session, subject to such regulations or delegation as may be prescribed by the Board.In no event shall the Executive Director have the authority to adopt or promulgate any regulation.

C. In addition to the powers designated elsewhere in this chapter, the Director shall have the following general powers:

1. Supervise and manage the Department;

2. Prepare and submit all requests for appropriations and be responsible for all expenditures pursuant to appropriations;

3. Provide investigative and such other services as needed by the Department to enforce applicable laws and regulations;

4. Provide for the administrative functions and services of the Department;

5. Provide such office facilities as will allow the Department to carry out its duties; and

6. Assist the citizens (including corporate citizens) of the Commonwealth by providing guidelines, time tables, suggestions and in general being helpful to applicants seeking state and federal air pollution control permits.


1990, c. 238.


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