§ 13.1-1004

Issuance of certificate by Commission; recordation of documents

A. Whenever this chapter conditions the effectiveness of a document upon the issuance of a certificate by the Commission to evidence the effectiveness of the document, the Commission shall by order issue the certificate if it finds that the document complies with the provisions of this chapter and that all required fees have been paid. The Commission shall admit any such certificate to record in its office.

B. The existence of a limited liability company shall begin at the time the Commission issues a certificate of organization unless a later date and time are specified as provided by subsection D of this section. The certificate of organization shall be conclusive evidence that all conditions precedent required to be performed by the person(s) forming the limited liability company have been complied with and that the limited liability company has been formed under this chapter.

C. Whenever the Commission is directed to admit any document to record in its office, it shall cause it to be spread upon its record books or to be recorded or reproduced in any other manner the Commission may deem suitable. Except as otherwise provided by law, the Commission may furnish information from and provide access to any of its records by any means the Commission may deem suitable.


1. A certificate issued by the Commission is effective at the time such certificate is issued, unless the certificate relates to articles filed with the Commission and the articles state that the certificate shall become effective at a later time and date specified in the articles. In that event, the certificate shall become effective at the earlier of the time and date so specified or 11:59 p.m. on the fifteenth day after the date on which the certificate is issued by the Commission. Any other document filed with the Commission shall be effective when accepted for filing unless otherwise provided for in this chapter.

2. Notwithstanding subdivision 1 of this subsection, any certificate that has a delayed effective time and date shall not become effective if, prior to the effective time and date, the parties to the articles to which the certificate relates file a request for cancellation with the Commission, and the Commission, by order, cancels the certificate.

3. Notwithstanding subdivision 1 of this subsection, for purposes of §§ 13.1-1012 and 13.1-1054, any certificate that has a delayed effective date shall be deemed to be effective when the certificate is issued.

E. Notwithstanding any other provision of law to the contrary, the Commission shall have the power to act upon a petition filed by a limited liability company at any time to correct Commission records so as to eliminate the effects of clerical errors and of filings made by a person without authority to act for the limited liability company.


1991, c. 168; 1996, c. 265; 2010, c. 703.


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