§ 13.1-623

Organization of corporation

A. After incorporation:

1. If initial directors are named in the articles of incorporation, the initial directors shall hold an organizational meeting, at the call of a majority of the directors, to complete the organization of the corporation by appointing officers, adopting bylaws, and carrying on any other business brought before the meeting; or

2. If initial directors are not named in the articles, the incorporator or incorporators shall hold an organizational meeting at the call of a majority of the incorporators:

a. To elect a board of directors and complete the organization of the corporation; or

b. To elect directors who shall complete the organization of the corporation.

B. Action required or permitted by this Act to be taken by incorporators at an organizational meeting may be taken without a meeting if the action taken is evidenced by one or more written consents describing the action taken and signed by each incorporator.

C. An organizational meeting may be held in or out of this Commonwealth.


Code 1950, § 13.1-54; 1956, c. 428; 1972, c. 606; 1974, c. 71; 1975, c. 500; 1985, c. 522.


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