§ 15.2-1211

Boundaries of magisterial and election districts

A. County magisterial district boundary lines and names shall be as the governing bodies may establish. Subject to the provisions of § 24.2-304.1, whenever the boundaries of a county have been altered, the governing body shall, as may be necessary, redistrict the county into magisterial districts, change the boundaries of existing districts, change the name of any district, or increase or diminish the number of districts.

B. Whenever redistricting of magisterial or election districts is required as a result of annexation, the governing body of such county shall, within a reasonable time from the effective date of such annexation, not to exceed ninety days, commence the redistricting process which shall be completed within a reasonable time thereafter, not to exceed twelve months.

C. A county may by ordinance provide that the magisterial districts of the county shall remain the same, but that representation on the governing body shall be by election districts, in which event all sections of this Code providing for election or appointment on the basis of magisterial districts shall be construed to provide for election or appointment on the basis of election districts, including appointment to a school board as prescribed by §§ 22.1-36 and 22.1-44.


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