§ 15.2-1216

Provision of information to prospective buyers in planned development units

Any county having an urban county executive or county executive form of government, or any county adjacent to any two or more such counties, may by ordinance require that the sellers of new homes provide to home buyers access to copies of the approved subdivision plat, all development plans approved as part of the zoning for the planned unit development, proffered conditions accepted pursuant to subsection A of § 15.2-2286 as part of the zoning approval for the development, and the comprehensive plan for the area of the county, all of which documents shall include the property for sale and shall be current as of the date access to such documents is provided. The ordinance may require that, prior to execution of an offer to buy:

1. Such documents be located on the site of the property encompassed by the subdivision, plat, or planned unit development in which the property for sale is located, or at an office in its immediate vicinity; and

2. The seller of the new home notify the prospective home buyers of the location of these documents and provide a reasonable opportunity for such prospective buyers to inspect these documents.

Any violation of such an ordinance shall be punishable by a civil fine of not more than $ 100.


1983, c. 409, § 15.1-29.10; 1997, cc. 547, 587.


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