§ 15.2-1508.3

Governing bodies of certain cities and counties may supplement salaries and reimburse traveling expenses of employees of state and local health departments

The Counties of Arlington, Chesterfield, Clarke, Fairfax, Loudoun and Prince William may, in the discretion of their governing bodies, pay to persons employed by the State Department of Health, within such counties, in addition to the salaries as may be paid to such employees by the State Board of Health, such sum or sums of money as they may deem expedient.In addition to supplementing the salaries of such employees as provided herein such county may reimburse such employees who travel on business of any such county, who are required to bear a portion of such travel expense in excess of the amount allowed by § 2.2-2823, from the funds of such county, upon such basis and in such manner as its governing body may prescribe.


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