Water Supply Systems Generally

This is Article 5 of the Code of Virginia, titled “Water Supply Systems Generally.” It is part of Title 15.2, titled “Counties, Cities And Towns.” It is part of Subtitle II, titled “Powers Of Local Government.” It is part of Chapter 21, titled “Franchises; Sale And Lease Of Certain Municipal Public Property; Public Utilities.” It’s comprised of the following 15 sections.

§ 15.2-2134
Construction of dams, etc., for purpose of providing public water supply; approval by governing body of locality
§ 15.2-2135
Disputes between jurisdictions involving dams or water impoundment; constitution of special court; vacancies occurring during trial
§ 15.2-2136
Powers of special court; rules of decision; order controlling subsequent conduct of case
§ 15.2-2137
Special court; hearing and decision
§ 15.2-2138
Dispute between jurisdictions; additional parties
§ 15.2-2139
Special court; costs
§ 15.2-2140
Dispute between jurisdictions; appeals
§ 15.2-2141
Conflicting petitions for same territory; petition seeking territory in two or more counties
§ 15.2-2142
Certain localities may construct dams across navigable streams; permission from Chief of Engineers, Secretary of Army and State Attorney General; approval of governing body
§ 15.2-2143
Water supplies and facilities
§ 15.2-2144
Inspection of water supplies
§ 15.2-2145
Sale of water and use of streets by one city in another
§ 15.2-2146
Powers of localities to acquire certain waterworks system
§ 15.2-2147
City acquiring plant within one mile of another city
§ 15.2-2148
Contracts for water supply