§ 15.2-2274

Effect of vacation under § 15.2-2272

The recordation of the instrument as provided under subdivision 1 of § 15.2-2272 or of the ordinance as provided under subdivision 2 of § 15.2-2272 shall operate to destroy the force and effect of the recording of the plat or part thereof so vacated, and to vest fee simple title to the centerline of any streets, alleys or easements for public passage so vacated in the owners of abutting lots free and clear of any rights of the public or other owners of lots shown on the plat, but subject to the rights of the owners of any public utility installations which have been previously erected therein. If any street, alley or easement for public passage is located on the periphery of the plat, the title for the entire width thereof shall vest in the abutting lot owners. The fee simple title to any portion of the plat so vacated as was set apart for other public use shall be revested in the owners, proprietors and trustees, if any, who signed the statement required by § 15.2-2264 free and clear of any rights of public use in the same.


Code 1950, §§ 15-793, 15-967.18; 1950, p. 722; 1962, c. 407, § 15.1-483; 1964, c. 564; 1997, c. 587.


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