§ 15.2-3529

Consolidation agreement generally; advisory committee; filing agreement and referendum petition with court

The board of supervisors or council of the locality desiring to consolidate into a county or city, or any county and all incorporated towns located entirely therein desiring to consolidate into a county or city may enter into a joint agreement for such consolidation, setting forth in such consolidation agreement the following:

1. The names of the localities proposing to consolidate;

2. The name of the county or counties or city into which the localities propose to consolidate; or that the localities agree to conduct a subsequent referendum to be voted on by the people of the consolidated county or city prior to the effective date of the consolidation to select the name for the consolidated county or city. The name chosen shall not be one that has been restricted or prohibited by law;

3. The property, real or personal, belonging to each locality, and the fair value thereof in current money of the United States;

4. The indebtedness, bonded and otherwise, of each locality;

5. The day upon which the consolidation agreement shall become effective, provided that, if an agreement proposes the creation of a consolidated city, the effective date shall be stated in the charter enacted by the General Assembly; and

6. Any other provisions which may be properly embodied in the agreement.

Each governing body may appoint an advisory committee composed of three persons to assist it in the preparation of an agreement, and may pay the members of the advisory committee reasonable compensation, which shall be approved by the circuit court for the locality.The original of the consolidation agreement, together with a petition on behalf of the several governing bodies, signed by the chairman and the mayor and the clerk of each of the bodies, asking that a referendum on the question of consolidation of the localities, shall be filed with a judge of a circuit court having jurisdiction over any of the localities proposing to consolidate; however, when the consolidation agreement proposes the creation of a consolidated city that includes at least one county, the petition shall ask for proceedings pursuant to §§ 15.2-3521 through 15.2-3528 prior to such referendum. A copy of the agreement shall be filed with the judge of each circuit court having jurisdiction in the localities that are parties to the agreement.


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