§ 16.1-80

Service of warrant and return thereof

The officer issuing a warrant shall deliver to the officer to whom it is directed, or to the plaintiff, for service, one or more original warrants and as many copies as there are defendants upon whom it is to be served. Service of the warrant shall be made as provided in Chapter 8 (§ 8.01-285 et seq.) of Title 8.01, but the warrant must be served not less than five days before the return day. Returns shall be made on the original, or on one or more of them if there be more than one issued, and shall show when, where, how and upon whom service was made. The warrant or warrants with the returns thereon shall be delivered to the court prior to the return day thereof, but if not so delivered may, in the discretion of the judge of the court, be delivered before the court convenes on the return day.


1956, c. 555.


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