§ 8.01-285

Definition of certain terms for purposes of this chapter; process, return, statutory agent

For the purposes of this chapter:

1. The term “process” shall be deemed to include notice;

2. The term “return” shall be deemed to include the term “proof of service”;

3. The term “statutory agent” means the Commissioner of the Department of Motor Vehicles and the Secretary of the Commonwealth, and the successors of either, when appointed pursuant to law for the purpose of service of process on the nonresident defined in subdivision 2 of § 8.01-307; and

4. The term “person” includes an individual, his executor, administrator, or other personal representative, or a corporation, partnership, association or any other legal or commercial entity, whether or not a citizen or domiciliary of the Commonwealth and whether or not organized under the laws of the Commonwealth.


1977, c. 617; 1991, c. 672; 2005, c. 866.


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