§ 17.1-304

Terms and sessions, state of emergency

A. The Supreme Court shall hold one term annually, commencing at such time and continuing for such period as it may determine. Sessions shall be held at Richmond commencing at such times and continuing for such periods as the Court from time to time directs.

B. In the event of a state of emergency declared by the Governor pursuant to Chapter 3.2 (§ 44-146.13 et seq.) of Title 44 or declared by the President of the United States or the governor of another state pursuant to law and confirmed by the Governor by an executive order, the Supreme Court may convene at such time, in such location, and for such purposes as the Court determines is necessary for the efficient and effective administration of justice.

C. When the Court convenes pursuant to subsection B, the Court may satisfy its quorum by the presence of the justices through the use of technology.


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