§ 19.2-368.21


A. Proceeds paid to the Division under § 19.2-368.20 shall be retained in escrow in the Criminal Injuries Compensation Fund for five years after the date of the order, but during that five-year period may be levied upon to satisfy a money judgment rendered by a court or award of the Workers’ Compensation Commission in favor of a victim of an offense for which the defendant has been convicted or acquitted by reason of insanity, or a legal representative of the victim.

B. If ordered by a circuit court in the interest of justice, after motion, notice to all interested parties, and opportunity for hearing, such escrow fund shall be used to:

1. First, satisfy court ordered restitution against a defendant and in favor of a victim;

2. Satisfy a money judgment rendered in the court hearing the matter, in favor of a victim of any offense for which the defendant has been convicted;

3. Pay for legal representation of the defendant in criminal proceedings, including the appeals process, to the extent the defendant’s representation was paid for by the Commonwealth or an agency thereof. No more than 25% of the total proceeds in escrow may be used for legal representation; and

4. Pay any fines or costs assessed against the defendant by a court of the Commonwealth.

C. At the end of the five-year period, the remaining proceeds shall be paid into the Literary Fund. However, (i) if a civil action under this section is pending against the defendant, the proceeds shall be held in escrow until completion of the action or (ii) if the defendant has appealed his conviction and the appeals process is not final, the proceeds shall be held in escrow until the appeals process is final, and upon disposition of the charges favorable to the defendant, the Division shall immediately pay any money in the escrow account to the defendant.


1990, c. 549; 1992, c. 681; 2006, c. 414.


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