§ 2.2-3000

Policy of the Commonwealth; responsibilities of state agencies under this chapter

A. It shall be the policy of the Commonwealth, as an employer, to encourage the resolution of employee problems and complaints. To that end, employees shall be able to discuss freely, and without retaliation, their concerns with their immediate supervisors and management. To the extent that such concerns cannot be resolved informally, the grievance procedure shall afford an immediate and fair method for the resolution of employment disputes that may arise between state agencies and those employees who have access to the procedure under § 2.2-3001.

B. To fully achieve the objectives of this chapter and to create uniformity, each agency in the executive branch of state government shall:

1. Require supervisory personnel to be trained in the grievance procedure, personnel policies, and conflict resolution;

2. Familiarize employees with their grievance rights and promote the services of the Department of Human Resource Management;

3. Cooperate with investigations conducted pursuant to the authority granted by clause (iii) of subdivision 4 of § 2.2-1202.1;

4. Participate in the mediation program;

5. Evaluate supervisors on the effectiveness of employee relations management, including, but not limited to, their handling of grievances; and

6. Recognize the right of employees to fully participate in the grievance process without retaliation.

C. The Department of Human Resource Management shall monitor agencies’ activities under this section.


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