§ 2.2-4104

Duties of Commission in compiling Virginia Administrative Code and Register

The Commission, through the Registrar and otherwise as it directs, may in the course of the work of compiling and maintaining the Virginia Administrative Code and the Register:

1. In writing at any time call upon all agencies to submit to the Registrar one or more copies of all existing regulations as well as all subsequent amendments, repeals, additions, or new regulations. However, this subdivision shall not affect the duty of agencies to comply with § 2.2-4103 without calls or reminders;

2. Advise agencies as to the form and style of their regulations as well as the codification thereof; and

3. Formulate and issue, without reference to or limitation by the requirements of the Administrative Process Act (§ 2.2-4000 et seq.), general or special regulations respecting the nature and content of the Virginia Administrative Code, making exceptions thereto, supplementing or limiting the duties of agencies hereunder, and otherwise carrying out the purposes of this chapter.


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