Special Education

This is Article 2 of the Code of Virginia, titled “Special Education.” It is part of Title 22.1, titled “Education.” It is part of Chapter 13, titled “Programs, Courses Of Instruction And Textbooks.” It’s comprised of the following 19 sections.

§ 22.1-213
§ 22.1-213.1
Definition of "parent."
§ 22.1-214
Board to prepare special education program for children with disabilities
§ 22.1-214.1
Issuance of subpoenas by hearing officers
§ 22.1-214.2
Definition of "supervise" as related to educational programs provided for or by Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services
§ 22.1-214.3
Department to develop certain curriculum guidelines; Board to approve
§ 22.1-215
School divisions to provide special education; plan to be submitted to Board
§ 22.1-215.1
Information regarding procedures and rights relating to special education placement and withdrawal
§ 22.1-216
Use of public or private facilities and personnel under contract for special education
§ 22.1-217
Visually impaired children
§ 22.1-217.01
Information on educational and other services for students identified as hearing or visually impaired
§ 22.1-217.02
Individualized education programs; children identified as deaf or hard-of-hearing
§ 22.1-217.1
Programs for the research and development of innovative methods of teaching children with mental illness, intellectual disability, or serious emotional disturbance
§ 22.1-218
Reimbursement for placement in private schools; reimbursement of school boards from state funds
§ 22.1-218.1
Duty to process placements through the Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children
§ 22.1-219
Use of federal, state or local funds not restricted
§ 22.1-220
Power of counties, cities, and towns to appropriate and expend funds for education of children with disabilities
§ 22.1-221
Transportation of children with disabilities attending public or private special education programs
§ 22.1-222