§ 22.1-221

Transportation of children with disabilities attending public or private special education programs

A. Each disabled child enrolled in and attending a special education program provided by the school division pursuant to any of the provisions of § 22.1-216 or § 22.1-218 shall be entitled to transportation to and from such school or class at no cost if such transportation is necessary to enable such child to obtain the benefit of educational programs and opportunities.

B. A school board may, in lieu of providing transportation on an approved school bus, allot funds to pay the reasonable cost of special arrangement transportation. The Board of Education shall reimburse the school board sixty percent of such cost if funds therefor are available.

C. Costs for operating approved school buses which are equipped or used primarily for transporting children with disabilities shall be reimbursed according to the regulations promulgated by the Board of Education from such state funds as are appropriated for this purpose.


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