§ 22.1-354.2

Functions and duties

The Consortium shall perform the following functions and duties:

1. Coordinate with organizations and agencies providing programs and services to Consortium school divisions to reduce duplication of effort and optimize the use of available resources;

2. Conduct ongoing assessments to identify needs of member school divisions and develop plans and programs responding to those needs;

3. Facilitate the coordination of programs in the Consortium region that affect K through 12 public education in career and technical education, workforce development, and other linkages between public schools, institutions of higher education, and business and industry;

4. Coordinate technology-related activities between Consortium members in areas of common concern, such as video conferencing and distance learning, including the acquisition and utilization of hardware and software for administrative and instructional purchases;

5. Develop and maintain linkages with schools and school divisions in Northern Virginia to promote enhanced usage of educational technology; and

6. Create the capacity for development within the Consortium of shared services and activities, including purchasing, facility planning, staff development, and special needs programming, and implementation of such shared services and activities as need is determined.


2000, cc. 105, 302; 2001, c. 483.


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