§ 23-38.91

(Repealed effective October 1, 2016) Responsibility and accountability for management of institution; governance

A. The Board of Visitors and administration of a public university or college of the Commonwealth that meets the requirements of this subchapter to demonstrate the ability to manage successfully the administrative and financial operations of the institution without jeopardizing the financial integrity and stability of the institution may enter into negotiation with the Governor to develop a management agreement with the Commonwealth, as provided in this subchapter. Consistent with the terms of the management agreement, the Board of Visitors shall assume full responsibility for management of the institution, subject to the requirements and conditions set forth in this subchapter, the general requirements for management agreements as provided in § 23-38.88, and the specific management agreement with the Commonwealth. The Board of Visitors shall be fully accountable for (a) the management of the institution of higher education as provided in this subchapter, (b) meeting the requirements of §§ 2.2-5004, 23-9.6:1.01, and 23-38.87:17 or, upon the completion of the development of the objective criteria for measuring goals and objectives described in subdivision B 5 of § 23-38.87:20, § 23-38.87:21, and (c) meeting such other provisions as may be set forth in the management agreement with the Commonwealth.

B. Each covered institution shall be governed and administered in the manner provided in this subchapter but subject to the expressed terms of the management agreement entered into pursuant to § 23-38.88, in the appropriation act, and in each such institution’s enabling legislation.


2005, cc. 933, 945; 2011, cc. 828, 869.


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