§ 24.2-945

Elections to which chapter applicable; chapter exclusive

A. The provisions of this chapter shall apply to all elections held in Virginia, including referenda, and to nominating conventions, mass meetings, and other methods to nominate a political party candidate for public office, except nominations and elections for (i) members of the United States Congress, (ii) President and Vice President of the United States, (iii) town office in a town with a population of less than 25,000, (iv) directors of soil and water conservation districts, or (v) political party committees. The governing body of any town with a population of less than 25,000 may provide, by ordinance, that the provisions of this chapter shall be applicable to elections for town offices in the town.

B. This chapter shall constitute the exclusive and entire campaign finance disclosure law of the Commonwealth, and elections to which the chapter applies shall not be subject to further regulation by local law.


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