§ 24.2-947.8

Filing requirements for special elections

A. Candidates for nomination or election to an office to be filled by a special election held on a regular election date shall file the prescribed reports of contributions and expenditures which apply to regularly scheduled elections for that office.

B. In the case of a special election held on a date other than a regularly scheduled general election, the candidate shall file as follows:

1. A report not later than the eighth day before the special election date complete through the twelfth day before that date;

2. A postelection report no later than the thirtieth day after the election and prior to taking office; and

3. A postelection report not later than January 15 and July 15 each year until a final report is filed.

C. Any candidate, who has been subject to the election year filing schedule set out in subdivisions B 1 through B 3 and who has not filed a final report, shall file reports in any subsequent election year for the same office in accordance with the election year filing schedule set out in § 24.2-947.6 or 24.2-947.7 as appropriate for that office.

D. Any candidate shall also file any report of certain large contributions required by § 24.2-947.9, if applicable.


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