§ 24.2-950.8

With whom political party committees file reports

A. Except as provided in subsection B, a political party committee that is required by this chapter to file reports with the State Board, and that accepts contributions or makes expenditures in excess of $ 10,000 in any calendar year, or that accepted contributions or made expenditures in excess of $ 10,000 in the previous calendar year, shall file its reports with the State Board by computer or electronic means in accordance with the standards approved by the State Board until such time as the political party committee files a final report. Any political party committee that has been filing electronically, but does not anticipate accepting contributions or making expenditures in excess of $ 10,000 in the upcoming calendar year, may sign a waiver, on a form prescribed by the State Board, to exempt the committee from the electronic filing requirement for the calendar year. Such waiver form shall be submitted and received no later than the date the first report is due covering activity for that calendar year.

B. A county, city, or local district political party committee shall not be required to file by computer or electronic means if it files its reports with the general registrar of that county or city.

C. Other political party committees required to file reports by this article shall file all campaign finance reports with the State Board, if filing by electronic means, or with the State Board and the general registrar for its jurisdiction if filing campaign finance reports by nonelectronic means.


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