§ 24.2-957

General provisions

A. Television outlets shall not be liable under this article for carriage of political advertisements that fail to include the disclosure requirements provided for in this article. This provision supersedes any contrary provisions of the Code of Virginia.

B. If the sponsor does not have the option of controlling the audio, if any, heard during the television advertisement, the disclosure requirements shall be the same as for print media.

C. The person accepting an advertisement for a television outlet shall require, and for one year shall retain a copy of, proof of identity of the person who submits the advertisement for broadcast. Proof of identity shall be submitted either (i) in person and include a valid Virginia driver’s license, or any other identification card issued by a government agency of the Commonwealth, one of its political subdivisions, or the United States, or (ii) other than in person, in which case, the person submitting the advertisement shall provide a telephone number and the person accepting the advertisement may phone the person to verify the validity of the person’s identifying information before broadcasting the advertisement.

D. Any disclosure statement required by this article shall be displayed in a conspicuous manner.


2002, c. 487, § 24.2-944; 2004, cc. 55, 457; 2005, c. 369; 2006, cc. 787, 892.


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