§ 3.2-4116

Industrial hemp grower license conditions

A. A person shall obtain an industrial hemp grower license pursuant to § 3.2-4115 prior to planting or growing any industrial hemp in the Commonwealth.

B. A person granted an industrial hemp grower license pursuant to § 3.2-4115 shall:

1. Maintain records that reflect compliance with this chapter and with all other state laws regulating the planting and cultivation of industrial hemp;

2. Retain all industrial hemp production records for at least three years;

3. Allow industrial hemp crops, throughout sowing, growing, and harvesting, to be inspected by and at the discretion of the Commissioner or his designee, the Department of State Police, or the chief law-enforcement officer of the locality; and

4. Maintain a current written agreement with a public institution of higher education that states that the grower is a participant in the industrial hemp research program managed by that public institution of higher education.


2015, cc. 158, 180.


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