§ 30-19.03:1.2

Unemployment compensation bills affecting net revenues of the Commonwealth

A. The Virginia Employment Commission, in consultation with the Department of Planning and Budget, shall prepare a statement reflecting the projected impact on the solvency level of the unemployment trust fund and the average increase in state unemployment tax liability of employers on a per-employee basis over the ensuing eight years that would result from the enactment of any bill that enhances the benefits payable to an individual pursuant to Title 60.2.

B. No bill enhancing the benefits payable to an individual pursuant to Title 60.2 shall be considered by the General Assembly at a regular session unless the bill contains a statement prepared in accordance with subsection A as a second or final enactment clause in the bill.

C. For the purposes of this section, legislation that “enhances the benefits payable to an individual” includes any legislation that would facilitate the receipt, or increase the amount, of unemployment compensation benefits that an otherwise qualified claimant is eligible to receive on an annual basis.


2004, c. 895; 2011, c. 302.


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