§ 30-187

Powers and duties of the Commission

The Commission shall have the power and duty to:

1. Study all aspects of water supply and allocation problems in the Commonwealth, whether these problems are of a quantitative or qualitative nature;

2. Coordinate the legislative recommendations of all other state entities having responsibilities with respect to water supply and allocation issues; and

3. Report annually its findings and recommendations to the General Assembly and the Governor. The chairman of the Commission shall submit to the General Assembly and the Governor an annual executive summary of the interim activity and work of the Commission no later than the first day of each regular session of the General Assembly. The executive summary shall be submitted as provided in the procedures of the Division of Legislative Automated Systems for the processing of legislative documents and reports and shall be posted on the General Assembly’s website.


1990, c. 122, § 9-145.8; 2001, c. 844; 2004, c. 1000.


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