§ 33.2-1814


A. At the request of the private entity, the responsible public entity may exercise any power of condemnation that it has under law for the purpose of acquiring any lands or estates or interests therein to the extent that the responsible public entity finds that such action serves the public purpose of this chapter. Any amounts to be paid in any such condemnation proceeding shall be paid by the private entity.

B. Except as provided in subsection A, until the Commission, after notice to the private entity and the secured parties, as may appear in the private entity’s records, and an opportunity for hearing, has entered a final declaratory judgment that a material default has occurred and is continuing, the power of condemnation may not be exercised against a qualifying transportation facility.

C. After the entry of such final order by the Commission, any responsible public entity having the power of condemnation under state law may exercise such power of condemnation, in lieu of or at any time after taking over the transportation facility pursuant to subdivision A 1 of § 33.2-1813, to acquire the qualifying transportation facility or facilities. Nothing in this chapter shall be construed to limit the exercise of the power of condemnation by any responsible public entity against a qualifying transportation facility after the entry by the Commission of a final declaratory judgment order pursuant to subsection B. Any person that has provided financing for the qualifying transportation facility and the private entity, to the extent of its capital investment, may participate in the condemnation proceedings with the standing of a property owner.


1994, c. 855, § 56-569; 1995, c. 647; 2005, cc. 504, 562; 2014, c. 805.


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