§ 37.2-200

State Board of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services

A. The State Board of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services is established as a policy board, within the meaning of § 2.2-2100, in the executive branch of government. The Board shall consist of nine nonlegislative citizen members to be appointed by the Governor, subject to confirmation by the General Assembly. The nine members shall consist of one individual who is receiving or who has received services, one family member of an individual who is receiving or who has received services, one individual who is receiving or who has received services or family member of such individual, one elected local government official, one psychiatrist licensed to practice in Virginia, and four citizens of the Commonwealth at large. The Governor, in appointing the psychiatrist member, may make his selection from nominations submitted by the Medical Society of Virginia in collaboration with the Psychiatric Society of Virginia and the Northern Virginia Chapter of the Washington Psychiatric Society.

B. Appointments shall be made for terms of four years each, except appointments to fill vacancies that shall be for the unexpired terms of vacated appointments. Vacancies shall be filled in the same manner as the original appointments. All members may be reappointed. However, no member shall be eligible to serve more than two four-year terms. The remainder of any term to which a member is appointed to fill a vacancy shall not constitute a term in determining the member’s eligibility for reappointment. No person shall serve more than a total of 12 years. Members of the Board may be suspended or removed by the Governor at his pleasure.

C. Members of the Board shall receive compensation for their services and shall be reimbursed for all reasonable and necessary expenses incurred in the performance of their duties as provided in §§ 2.2-2813 and 2.2-2825. The Board is authorized to employ a secretary to assist in the Board’s administrative duties. The compensation of the secretary shall be fixed by the Board within the specific limits of the appropriation made therefor by the General Assembly, and the compensation shall be subject to the provisions of Chapter 29 (§ 2.2-2900 et seq.) of Title 2.2. The secretary shall perform the duties required of him by the Board. The Department and all other agencies of the Commonwealth shall provide assistance to the Board upon request.

D. The main office of the Board shall be in the City of Richmond. The Board shall meet quarterly and at such other times as it deems proper. The Board shall elect a chairman and vice-chairman from among its membership. The meetings of the Board shall be held at the call of the chairman or whenever the majority of the members so request. Five members shall constitute a quorum.

E. The chairman of the Board shall submit to the Governor and the General Assembly an annual executive summary of the activity and work of the Board no later than the first day of each regular session of the General Assembly. The executive summary shall be submitted as provided in the procedures of the Division of Legislative Automated Systems for the processing of legislative documents and reports and shall be posted on the General Assembly’s website.


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