§ 37.2-804.1

Use of electronic communication

A. Petitions and orders for emergency custody and temporary detention pursuant to this chapter may be filed, issued, served, or executed by electronic means, with or without the use of two-way electronic video and audio communication, and returned in the same manner with the same force, effect, and authority as an original document. All signatures thereon shall be treated as original signatures.

B. Any judge or special justice may conduct proceedings pursuant to this chapter using any two-way electronic video and audio communication system to provide for the appearance of any parties and witnesses. Any two-way electronic video and audio communication system used to conduct a proceeding shall meet the standards set forth in subsection B of § 19.2-3.1. When a witness whose testimony would be helpful to the conduct of the proceeding is not able to be physically present, his testimony may be received using a telephonic communication system.


2005, cc. 51, 716.


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