§ 4.1-221.1

Limitation of tasting licenses

Samples of alcoholic beverages given or sold by a licensee shall not exceed two ounces per person of each product tasted, provided that (i) in the case of wine or beer, no more than four products shall be offered or (ii) in the case of spirits, no more than two products shall be offered. Tasting licenses for mixed beverages shall only be issued for events to be held in localities which have approved the sale of mixed beverages pursuant to § 4.1-124. No license shall be issued to any person to whom issuance of a retail license is prohibited. No more than four tasting licenses annually shall be issued to any person. The provisions of this section shall not apply to tastings conducted pursuant to § 4.1-201.1.


1996, cc. 584, 596; 2006, c. 826.


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