Licenses Granted By Board; Limitations; Revocation And Suspension

This is Article 2 of the Code of Virginia, titled “Licenses Granted By Board; Limitations; Revocation And Suspension.” It is part of Title 4.1, titled “Alcoholic Beverage Control Act.” It is part of Chapter 2, titled “Administration Of Licenses.” It’s comprised of the following 30 sections.

§ 4.1-206
Alcoholic beverage licenses
§ 4.1-207
Wine licenses
§ 4.1-207.1
Restricted wholesale wine licenses
§ 4.1-208
Beer licenses
§ 4.1-209
Wine and beer licenses; advertising
§ 4.1-209.1
Direct shipment of wine and beer; shipper's license
§ 4.1-210
Mixed beverages licenses
§ 4.1-211
Temporary licenses
§ 4.1-212
Permits required in certain instances
§ 4.1-212.1
Permits; delivery of wine and beer; regulations of Board
§ 4.1-213
Manufacture and sale of cider
§ 4.1-214
Limitations on licenses; sale outside the Commonwealth
§ 4.1-215
Limitation on manufacturers, bottlers and wholesalers; exemptions
§ 4.1-216
Further limitations on manufacturers, bottlers, importers, brokers or wholesalers; ownership interests prohibited; exceptions; prohibited trade practices
§ 4.1-216.1
Point-of-sale advertising materials authorized under certain conditions; civil penalties
§ 4.1-217
Limitation on brewery licenses
§ 4.1-218
Limitation on wine and beer importers
§ 4.1-219
Limitation on Class A and Class B farm wineries
§ 4.1-220
Limitation on gift shop licenses
§ 4.1-221
Limitation on mixed beverage licensees; exceptions
§ 4.1-221.1
Limitation of tasting licenses
§ 4.1-222
Conditions under which Board may refuse to grant licenses
§ 4.1-223
Conditions under which Board shall refuse to grant licenses
§ 4.1-224
Notice and hearings for refusal to grant licenses; Administrative Process Act; exceptions
§ 4.1-225
Grounds for which Board may suspend or revoke licenses
§ 4.1-225.1
Summary suspension in emergency circumstances; grounds; notice and hearing
§ 4.1-226
Grounds for which Board shall suspend or revoke licenses
§ 4.1-227
Suspension or revocation of licenses; notice and hearings; imposition of penalties
§ 4.1-228
Suspension or revocation; disposition of beverages on hand; termination
§ 4.1-229
Suspension or revocation of permits; grounds; notice and hearing; exception