§ 45.1-161.101

First aid training of coal miners

A. The Chief shall establish specifications for first aid and refresher training programs for miners at coal mines. Such specifications shall be no less than, but may exceed, the minimum requirements of such training programs which underground and surface operators are required to provide for their employees by the federal mine safety law. The Chief is authorized to utilize the Department’s educational and training facilities in the conduct of such training programs and may require the cooperation of operators in making such programs available to their employees.

B. Each operator of a coal mine, upon request, shall make available to every miner employed in such mine the course of first aid training, including refresher training, as is required by subsection A.


1977, c. 679, § 45.1-101.2; 1978, c. 94; 1984, c. 590; 1994, c. 28.


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