§ 46.2-626.1

Motorcycle purchased by manufacturer for parts; documentation required for sale of parts

For the purposes of this section, “certificate of origin,” “line-make,” “manufacturer,” and “new motorcycle” have the meanings ascribed to them in § 46.2-1500.A licensed motorcycle manufacturer shall not be required to obtain a certificate of title for a new motorcycle of a different line-make purchased by the manufacturer for the purpose of obtaining parts used in the production of another new motorcycle or an autocycle, provided such manufacturer obtains a salvage dealer license in accordance with § 46.2-1601. The manufacturer shall not be required to obtain a nonrepairable certificate for the purchased motorcycle, as required by § 46.2-1603.1, but shall stamp the words “Va. Code § 46.2-626.1: DISASSEMBLED FOR PARTS” in a minimum font size of 14 point across the face of the original manufacturer’s certificate of origin. The certificate of origin shall be forwarded to the Department, which shall make a record of the disassembly of the motorcycle. The manufacturer shall retain a photocopy of the stamped certificate of origin for its records.Any parts remaining from the purchased motorcycle and sold as parts by the manufacturer shall be accompanied by documentation of how such parts were obtained. Documentation accompanying the frame of the purchased motorcycle shall include a photocopy of the stamped manufacturer’s certificate of origin and certification from the manufacturer that the original certificate of origin has been forwarded to the Department.


2013, cc. 244, 367; 2014, cc. 53, 256; 2015, c. 615.


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