Titling Vehicles

This is Article 2 of the Code of Virginia, titled “Titling Vehicles.” It is part of Title 46.2, titled “Motor Vehicles.” It is part of Subtitle II, titled “Titling, Registration And Licensure.” It is part of Chapter 6, titled “Titling And Registration Of Motor Vehicles.” It’s comprised of the following 38 sections.

§ 46.2-616
Acquiring vehicle from vendor who does not have certificate of title
§ 46.2-617
Sale of vehicle without certificate of title
§ 46.2-618
When unlawful to have in possession certificate of title issued to another; remedy of purchaser against persons in possession of title of vehicle purchased from dealer
§ 46.2-619
New indicia of title; procedure as to leased vehicles
§ 46.2-620
Period of validity of certificate of title
§ 46.2-621
Application for certificate of title
§ 46.2-621.1
Correcting errors in titling
§ 46.2-622
Issuance of certificate of title in names of joint owners
§ 46.2-623
Statements in application
§ 46.2-624
Information required on transfer of titles of taxicabs or vehicles damaged by water
§ 46.2-625
Specially constructed, reconstructed, replica, converted electric, or foreign vehicles
§ 46.2-626
§ 46.2-626.1
Motorcycle purchased by manufacturer for parts; documentation required for sale of parts
§ 46.2-627
Fee for certificate of title; use in special fund
§ 46.2-628
How certificate of title transferred
§ 46.2-629
Odometer reading to be reported on certificate of title, application, or power of attorney
§ 46.2-630
Transfer and application for certificate of title forwarded to Department
§ 46.2-631
When transferred certificate of title need not be forwarded
§ 46.2-632
Transfer when certificate of title lost
§ 46.2-633
Transfer of title by operation of law
§ 46.2-633.1
Sale in Virginia of vehicle repossessed in another state
§ 46.2-633.2
Transfer of title on death
§ 46.2-634
Transfer of title when no qualification on estate
§ 46.2-635
Surrender of certificates for vehicles to be demolished; securing new title certificates
§ 46.2-636
Certificate to show security interests
§ 46.2-636.1
Security interests in farm tractors and special construction and forestry equipment
§ 46.2-637
Security interests subsequently created
§ 46.2-638
Certificate as notice of security interest
§ 46.2-639
Security interest may be filed within thirty days after purchase
§ 46.2-640
Priority of security interests shown on certificates of title
§ 46.2-640.1
Vehicle leases that are not sales or security interests
§ 46.2-641
Who to hold certificate of title subject to security interest
§ 46.2-642
Release of security interest shown on certificate of title
§ 46.2-643
Surrender of certificate of title required when security interest paid
§ 46.2-644
Levy of execution
§ 46.2-644.01
Lien of keeper of garage
§ 46.2-644.02
Lien of mechanic for repairs
§ 46.2-644.03
Enforcement of liens acquired under §§ 46.2-644.01 and 46.2-644.02 and of liens of bailees