§ 46.2-701

Combinations of tractor trucks and semitrailers; five-year registration of certain trailer fleets

A. Each vehicle of a combination of a truck or tractor truck and a trailer or semitrailer shall be registered as a separate vehicle, and separate vehicle license plates shall be issued for each vehicle, but, for the purpose of determining the gross weight group into which any vehicle falls pursuant to § 46.2-697, the combination of vehicles of which such vehicle constitutes a part shall be considered a unit, and the aggregate gross weight of the entire combination shall determine the gross weight group. The fee for the registration card and license plates for a trailer or semitrailer constituting a part of the combination shall be as provided in § 46.2-694.1.

B. In determining the fee to be paid for the registration of a truck or tractor truck constituting a part of such combination the fee shall be assessed on the total gross weight and the fee per 1,000 pounds applicable to the gross weight of the combination when loaded to the maximum capacity for which it is registered and licensed.

C. Existing five-year registrations for fleets of fifty or more trailers previously issued under this section shall remain valid through the five-year period, but shall not be renewable.


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