§ 46.2-1245

Four hours’ free parking in time-restricted or metered spaces; local option

A. The disabled person, vehicle owner, or volunteer for an institution or organization to which disabled parking license plates, organizational removable windshield placards, permanent windshield placards, or temporary removable windshield placards are issued or any person to whom disabled parking license plates have been issued under subsection B of § 46.2-739 shall be allowed to park the vehicle on which such license plates or placards are displayed for up to four hours in metered or unmetered parking zones restricted as to length of parking time permitted and shall be exempted from paying parking meter fees of any county, city, or town.

B. This section shall not apply to any local ordinance which creates zones where stopping, standing, or parking is prohibited, or which creates parking zones for special types of vehicles, nor shall it apply to any local ordinance which prohibits parking during heavy traffic periods, during specified rush hours, or where parking would clearly present a traffic hazard.

C. The governing body of any county, city, or town may by ordinance provide that this section shall not apply within the boundaries or within any designated portion of such county, city, or town. Any county, city, or town adopting an ordinance pursuant to this subsection shall indicate by signs or other reasonable notice that the provisions of this section do not apply in such county, city, or town or designated portion thereof.


1997, cc. 783, 904; 2012, cc. 17, 286.


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