§ 5.1-88.8

What constitutes proof of financial responsibility

The following shall constitute proof of financial responsibility as required by § 5.1-88.7:

1. The issuance, by an insurance company licensed to write such insurance in the Commonwealth, of a policy of bodily injury and property damage liability insurance or a policy or policies written pursuant to Chapter 48 (§ 38.2-4800 et seq.) of Title 38.2, which provide coverage with respect to each airport or landing area in the amount of one million dollars covering bodily injury and property damage liability in any one accident; or

2. The delivery to the Department of one million dollars cash or in securities such as fiduciaries may invest in as provided by §§ 64.2-1502 through 64.2-1505. Such money or securities so delivered to the Department shall be placed by it in the custody of the State Treasurer and shall be subject to execution to satisfy any judgment within the limits on amounts required by this chapter for personal injury and property damage liability insurance.


1995, cc. 682, 690.


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