§ 53.1-40.7

Discharge of prisoner involuntarily admitted

A. The prisoner shall be discharged from a hospital or facility for the care and treatment of individuals with mental illness to a state or local correctional facility designated by the Director if there is no further need for involuntary hospitalization or at the expiration of 180 days unless involuntarily committed by further petition and order of a court as provided herein.

B. Notwithstanding the provisions of subsection A, if there is no further need for involuntary hospitalization, the prisoner may be retained in such hospital or facility if the prisoner (i) is capable of and consents to voluntary admission, and (ii) has been examined by a licensed physician, psychiatrist, or clinical psychologist acting on staff within his area of expertise and is determined to be in need of continued hospitalization.


1988, c. 873; 2005, c. 639; 2012, cc. 476, 507.


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