§ 54.1-200

Composition of regulatory boards

A regulatory board established to administer a system of certification or licensure as provided in §§ 54.1-310 and 54.1-311, unless otherwise specified by law, shall consist of at least five members. The Board for Professional and Occupational Regulation may recommend to the General Assembly the number of members to be placed on the regulatory board. Two members of each board established hereafter shall be citizen members and the remainder of the members shall be practitioners of the profession or occupation which is being regulated. Citizen members shall participate in all matters except decisions regarding the examination of applicants for licensure or decisions regarding the professional competence of licensees. Terms of the members shall be staggered to ensure a continuing body.


1979, c. 408, § 54-1.27; 1988, c. 765; 1993, c. 499.


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