§ 54.1-307.1

Time for filing complaints against regulants

A. Except as otherwise provided in § 36-96.9 and subsections B and C of this section, any complaint against a regulant for any violation of statutes or regulations pertaining to the regulatory boards within Subtitle II (§ 54.1-200 et seq.) of this title or any of the programs which may be in another title of the Code for which any regulatory board within Subtitle II has enforcement responsibility, in order to be investigated by the Department, shall be made in writing, or otherwise made in accordance with Department procedures, and received by the Department within three years of the act, omission or occurrence giving rise to the violation. Public information obtained from any source by the Director or agency staff may serve as the basis for a written complaint against a regulant.

B. However, where a regulant has materially and willfully misrepresented, concealed or omitted any information and the information so misrepresented, concealed or omitted is material to the establishment of the violation, the complaint may be made at any time within two years after discovery of the misrepresentation, concealment or omission.

C. In cases where criminal charges have been filed involving matters that, if found to be true, would also constitute a violation of the regulations or laws of the regulant’s profession enforced by the Department, an investigation may be initiated by the Department at any time within two years following the date such criminal charges are filed.

D. Nothing in this section shall be construed to require the filing of a complaint if the alleged violation of the statute or regulation is discovered during the conduct of an inspection authorized by law, and the acts, omissions, or conditions constituting the alleged violations are witnessed by a sworn investigator appointed by the Director.


1994, c. 581; 2004, c. 297; 2005, c. 383.


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