§ 54.1-505

Qualification for an asbestos contractor’s license

To qualify for an asbestos contractor’s license, an applicant shall:

1. Except as provided in § 54.1-504, ensure that each of his employees or agents who will come into contact with asbestos or who will be responsible for an asbestos project is licensed as an asbestos supervisor or worker; and

2. Demonstrate to the satisfaction of the Board that the applicant and his employees or agents are familiar with and are capable of complying fully with all applicable requirements, procedures and standards of the United States Environmental Protection Agency, the United States Occupational Safety and Health Administration, the Department of Labor and Industry, and the State Air Pollution Control Board covering any part of an asbestos project.


1987, c. 579, § 54-145.9; 1988, cc. 765, 802; 1989, c. 397; 1993, c. 660; 1996, cc. 180, 846.


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