§ 54.1-2729.3

Prohibition on use of title without holding certification; continuing competency requirements; fees; penalty

A. No person shall hold himself out to be or advertise or permit to be advertised that he is a dialysis patient care technician or dialysis care technician as defined in this chapter unless such person has obtained certification from an organization approved by the Board of Health Professions as examining candidates for appropriate competency or technical proficiency to perform as dialysis patient care technicians or dialysis care technicians.

B. The title restrictions provided by this section shall apply to the use of the terms “dialysis patient care technician” and “dialysis care technician” or any other term or combination of terms used alone or in combination with the terms “licensed,” “certified,” or “registered,” as such terms also imply a minimum level of education, training, and competence. A person who is authorized for provisional practice to provide direct patient care while obtaining practical experience shall be identified as a “trainee” while working in a renal dialysis facility.

C. The Board of Health Professions may require such continuing competency training as it may deem necessary for dialysis patient care technicians or dialysis care technicians.

D. Any person who willfully violates the provisions of this chapter shall be guilty of a Class 3 misdemeanor.


2003, c. 995; 2006, c. 75.


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